The skaters from the D’Viants team wanted their uniforms (Or ‘Boutfits’) to represent the team ethos:

“The D’viants are a hardened, streetwise team of misfit punks.
We are the girls your mother warned you about.
Rebels from the wrong side of the tracks.
We flout the rules.
We play hard.
You can’t ignore us. You can’t get past us.
We are the D’viants!!

We created washable, wearable, practical pieces for a team of highly skilled athletes that played super hard, fast and rough.

The final uniform consisted of a motley mix of a torn jersey dress or tee with lime green mesh and black webbing showing through the strategic slashes. There were also stripy hot pants, wrist cuffs… And even a handful of hand shredded badass tutus in the team colours! The skaters could put together their own version of the uniform to reflect their individual personality.

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