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Photography: 3 Fates Media

Gem & Jimmy
Photography: Bec Essery Photography
Flowers: Jade McIntosh Flowers
HMU: White Hair and Make Up

Courtney & Matt
Photography: Nic Bezzina

Kate & Josh
Photography: Ona Janzen
Flowers: Jardine Botanic

Bunni Lambada
Photography: Joel Devereux
HMU: The Makeup Wardrobe
Model: Bunni Lambada

Nicole & Charles
Photography: Edwina Lyons

Bron & Lem
Photography: Kait Barker
Flowers: Regina Wong
MU: Emily James

Charlotte & Dan
Photography: Long Way Home
Flowers: Pomp and Splendour

Miss Kelly Ann Doll
Photography: Joel Devereux
Model: Kelly Ann Doll

Photography: Leslie Liu

Shannon & Paul
Photography: John Benavente

Bettie Bandit
Photography: Joel Devereux
Model: Bettie Bandit

The Kraken
Photography: Damien Milan

David & Mun
Photography: The Robertsons
Flowers: The Sisters

Steph & Mick
Photography: John Benavente

Bunni & Alex
Photography: Dusk Devi Vision

Marissa & Alex
Photography: Dan O’Day
Flowers: The Sisters

Kristina & Bruno
Photography: The Simple Things Studio
Jewellery: Whitemetal Jewellery