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Keera is one of the best costumiers I have ever worked with! A creative vision like no other, Keera takes your ideas and concepts and makes them larger than life with concept drawings that will blow you away and this is before she has even made your outfit!

With every bit of detail and care, Keera’s costumes are truly a work of art.

Every time I have worked with Keera she has been patient and gracious even with last minute changes, easy to communicate with and I always feel comfortable at fittings.

Super Star!

Memphis Mae – Entertainment Powerhouse 2018

Keera was absolutely amazing in making my dream wedding gown come to life. From the moment I showed her my idea, she worked with me to create something even better and more suited to me, my personality and my body shape than what I ever expected. Keera knew that I wanted something bold and different and she made me feel comfortable with the decisions we were making about the dress. It was one of the most fun, cool, creative and lovely experiences I’ve ever had and I was sad when it came to an end because of how awesome the experience was…. although I did have a totally banging dress at the end of it!

Courtney – Bridal Client 2017

Keera is simply amazing! She took my vague ideas (deep green, romantic but not cupcakey, vintage vibes but not costumey) and turned them into something that is so much better than I could have imagined. Keera made me feel so comfortable through the entire process; she discussed my budget and made it work, heard my design ideas and suggested improvements, worked around my time constraints, didn’t chuck me out when I added a custom-dyed veil at the last minute and just generally made it all a fantastic experience!

As well as Keera being awesome to work with, she is  an incredible designer – there were literal gasps of amazement from our guests as I walked down the aisle! Keera made me look and feel like a goddess on my wedding day and I can’t thank her enough for her beautiful work. I feel so lucky to have a dress designed for me by such a spectacularly talented woman…now I just need to make up reasons to wear it again and again!

Gem – Bridal Client 2017

Dearest Keera,

Thank you for designing a dress I couldn’t have dreamed up! I’ve never felt so chic in my entire life!! You took my vague and conflicting ideas about what I wanted, and created something that was timeless and beautiful to me. It was almost as though I could feel your kindness and care stitched into every inch of my dress, from the tiny perfect details to the extra leotard you made me as a backup (knowing that I’d feel fresher if I changed after the ceremony!) Thank you for pouring endless time and effort into getting to know me, and designing my dress based on that.

It didn’t just feel like I was wearing a beautiful dress on my wedding day, it felt like I was wearing a masterpiece.

Bron — Bridal Client 2016

Keera, having you design and make my wedding dress was such an honour and a privilege. When I came to you wanting a marigold yellow dress, anyone less would have thought I was crazy.  You made my dream come to life in the most spectacular way, with the most beautiful dress I have ever seen (let alone owned). You are a true professional and your workmanship and attention to detail, from the toille, to the dying of the silks, the drape of the sleeve, to the final product, is just second to none. Now I just need to keep finding excuses to keep coming back and getting more things made. Thank you for making my day so memorable, and the lead up to the wedding so care free and enjoyable. Alex and I wish you so much future success in this industry where you truly are an individual talent and a shining star. X

Emma – Bridal Client 2014

Dear Keera,

We had a magical wedding day in the beautiful paradise that is Rarotonga.  The star of the day was my dress.  All the guests raved about it.  I felt comfortable, elegant and very special wearing it.  The way it flowed in the breeze on the beach was perfect.  All the girls commented on how skilfully you had placed the pattern of the fabric to maximise the effect.  A million thanks for your talents and a million more for making the whole process of decision making and fittings simple and easy.

Catherine – Bridal Client 2014

You wouldn’t believe how many comments we’ve had on the dress. I loved how it felt on and I felt SO glamorous for a day.

I’ve already told you how much I loved the dress, but I’ll say it again. I’ve never felt so glamorous and I loved everything about it. People have been talking about it non-stop! One of Mick’s Mum’s friends, who owns a small clothing store in Potts Point, asked me if it was Armani. (I told her I would never buy anything as commercial as that!!)

Steph – Bridal Client 2014

Keera, working with you was dreamy. You realized my purple dream! You listened to ideas, and brought your experience, fine style, and professionalism to bear on the project, turning an unusual idea for a wedding dress into an exquisite masterpiece. You were collaborative and communicative, and went above and beyond on many occasions. I couldn’t have ever felt in better hands – you’re a meistra in your craft! I’ll have that spectacular gown forever.. it’ll go down as an heirloom in the family;-)
Love xxx

Sophia – Bridal Client 2013

Keera is one of a kind. I have never worked with a costume designer who puts in as much passion into the costume as what I put on stage, I believe i owe most of my current success to her, she has transformed me from burlesque orphan to feeling like I own the world, I feel so strong and empowered in her designs, they are always EXACTLY what I dreamed, there is literally no end to her talent and creativity. The time, and strength I have seen her put in to her work is incomparable, and it shows! I love all of my Keeradenaan pieces, and look forward to working with her for many many years to come.

Kelly Ann — Burlesque Superstar 2013

I have worked on numerous projects with Keera where she has designed costumes for my performances. She is extremely professional, immensely creative and totally accommodating. She always meets deadlines and works within agreed budgets. I have recommended Keera to many people because she is an absolute pleasure to work with. I look forward to many collaborations over the coming years.

Candy Royalle — Poet/Performance Artist 2013

Never have I ever felt more amazing than I did when I wore my dress. I absolutely adore it! The whole process of working with Keera was a dream. She knew exactly what shape and style would suit me and used beautiful quality fabrics. The dress fit like a glove and the quality of her work and designs are out of this world. I had so many compliments on the day about how different and how timelessly beautiful and flattering my dress was.

Keera is passionate about her work which is something that I really respect and appreciate about her. It was an absolute pleasure working with Keera. One million times, thank you! x

Kristina – Bridal Client 2012

I found the thought of finding a wedding dress an absolute nightmare. I was completely overwhelmed by the thought of trying on unflattering disaster after tacky, puffball disaster. Having something made felt equally daunting. I just didn’t know where to start. Enter, my salvation, Keera. It didn’t take long for her to discern the fact that I was in desperate need of guidance and some gentle encouragement to get me on the path to creating what was to become my dream dress. After showing her a few examples of dresses I liked, Keera offered up a whole bunch of beautifully illustrated designs based on those ideas and we took it from there, piecing together a creation that was uniquely me. She just made the whole process so incredibly easy and enjoyable and it was always a pleasure popping in to the studio for fittings and a great chat. Keera obviously loves what she does and it’s infectious. She pours so much love and care in to her work and it shows in every perfect stitch and embellishment. I can’t thank her enough for making me feel like a superstar on the best day of my life.

Tanya — Bridal Client 2012