Keera, having you design and make my wedding dress was such an honour and a privilege. When I came to you wanting a marigold yellow dress, anyone less would have thought I was crazy.  You made my dream come to life in the most spectacular way, with the most beautiful dress I have ever seen (let alone owned). You are a true professional and your workmanship and attention to detail, from the toille, to the dying of the silks, the drape of the sleeve, to the final product, is just second to none. Now I just need to keep finding excuses to keep coming back and getting more things made. Thank you for making my day so memorable, and the lead up to the wedding so care free and enjoyable. Alex and I wish you so much future success in this industry where you truly are an individual talent and a shining star. X

Emma – Married 2014


Dear Keera,

We had a magical wedding day in the beautiful paradise that is Rarotonga.  The star of the day was my dress.  All the guests raved about it.  I felt comfortable, elegant and very special wearing it.  The way it flowed in the breeze on the beach was perfect.  All the girls commented on how skilfully you had placed the pattern of the fabric to maximise the effect.  A million thanks for your talents and a million more for making the whole process of decision making and fittings simple and easy.

Take care,

Catherine – Married 2014

Steph Teste

You wouldn’t believe how many comments we’ve had on the dress. I loved how it felt on and I felt SO glamorous for a day.

I’ve already told you how much I loved the dress, but I’ll say it again. I’ve never felt so glamorous and I loved everything about it. People have been talking about it non-stop! One of Mick’s Mum’s friends, who owns a small clothing store in Potts Point, asked me if it was Armani. (I told her I would never buy anything as commercial as that!!)

Steph – Married 2014


Keera, working with you was dreamy. You realized my purple dream! You listened to ideas, and brought your experience, fine style, and professionalism to bear on the project, turning an unusual idea for a wedding dress into an exquisite masterpiece. You were collaborative and communicative, and went above and beyond on many occasions. I couldn’t have ever felt in better hands – you’re a meistra in your craft! I’ll have that spectacular gown forever.. it’ll go down as an heirloom in the family;-)
Love xxx

Sophia – Married 2013


If you’re thinking about having your wedding dress made, make sure you give Keera a call. She will work with your initial ideas – and your budget – to design you a dress that suits your style and fits you perfectly. Keera is creative, flexible and easy going. She will not only bring your wedding dress to life but make the whole process, from taking your measurements to the final fitting, a fun and exciting part of the lead up to your wedding day.

Kristen — Married 2013


Never have I ever felt more amazing than I did when I wore my dress. I absolutely adore it! The whole process of working with Keera was a dream. She knew exactly what shape and style would suit me and used beautiful quality fabrics. The dress fit like a glove and the quality of her work and designs are out of this world. I had so many compliments on the day about how different and how timelessly beautiful and flattering my dress was.

Keera is passionate about her work which is something that I really respect and appreciate about her. It was an absolute pleasure working with Keera. One million times, thank you! x

Kristina – Married 2012


I found the thought of finding a wedding dress an absolute nightmare. I was completely overwhelmed by the thought of trying on unflattering disaster after tacky, puffball disaster. Having something made felt equally daunting. I just didn’t know where to start. Enter, my salvation, Keera. It didn’t take long for her to discern the fact that I was in desperate need of guidance and some gentle encouragement to get me on the path to creating what was to become my dream dress. After showing her a few examples of dresses I liked, Keera offered up a whole bunch of beautifully illustrated designs based on those ideas and we took it from there, piecing together a creation that was uniquely me. She just made the whole process so incredibly easy and enjoyable and it was always a pleasure popping in to the studio for fittings and a great chat. Keera obviously loves what she does and it’s infectious. She pours so much love and care in to her work and it shows in every perfect stitch and embellishment. I can’t thank her enough for making me feel like a superstar on the best day of my life.

Tanya — Married 2012

Keera is one of a kind. I have never worked with a costume designer who puts in as much passion into the costume as what I put on stage, I believe i owe most of my current success to her, she has transformed me from burlesque orphan to feeling like I own the world, I feel so strong and empowered in her designs, they are always EXACTLY what I dreamed, there is literally no end to her talent and creativity. The time, and strength I have seen her put in to her work is incomparable, and it shows! I love all of my Keeradenaan pieces, and look forward to working with her for many many years to come.

Kelly Ann — Burlesque Superstar

I have worked on numerous projects with Keera where she has designed costumes for my performances. She is extremely professional, immensely creative and totally accommodating. She always meets deadlines and works within agreed budgets. I have recommended Keera to many people because she is an absolute pleasure to work with. I look forward to many collaborations over the coming years.

Candy Royalle — Poet/Performance Artist

Two close girlfriends had their wedding gowns made by Keera and the detail, style and fit was truly amazing. Keera managed to capture the essence of each of the women incredibly. When it came my time to tie the knot, I didnt want a generic off the rack dress, but I was nervous about having a dress made. I didn’t know what I wanted and I couldn’t visualise the design. Knowing that both friends had such a fabulous experience with Keera, I made an appointment to see her in her Surry Hills studio.

We sat down over a cup of tea and Keera really took the time to get to know me and what I wanted out of a gown. I have never met anyone so passionate and naturally talented with fashion. She really took interest in my wedding, discussing the style and theme, helping me with inspiration boards and workshopping the design of the gown accordingly.
Keera puts so much time, love and effort into her work, she is a true designer. Her ability to understand the shape of women and what will flatter their body and capture their personality is really what sets Keera apart. I was so pleased with my gown that I also asked Keera to design and make my bridesmaids dresses, my veil, my hairpiece and do some stylish alterations to our flower girl dresses. Keera goes beyond the point of call, has an eye for design and creates amazing gowns that fit like a glove. Being a super organised bride, we started working on the dress a year before the wedding, Keera was so accommodating with appointments, timing, fittings and at every stage ensured I had realistic expectations on pricing, timing and design. I would recommend Keera with the greatest confidence. Thank-you Keera for all of your support, I felt a million dollars on my wedding day and could not have been more pleased with your work!

Abbie — Married 2011


As you can see from the photos, the dress was absolutely spectacular! The photographer was so excited to see an unusual dress and everyone was amazed at how incredible it was. It was really lovely to wear and it’s such a shame I could only wear it for one day. It was just perfect, the fit was incredible and the lace was amazing! Thank you so much for your time and effort in all the tiny details (the buttons were a lot of fun.) It was so lovely coming to see you so regularly, thanks for always listening to me. Thanks for making me the wedding dress I’ve always wanted, I still love it and it was perfect for a winter wedding.

Thank you again for all that you did for me in the lead up to the wedding, you are so incredibly caring and offered so much more than making the dress. I can’t recommend you enough, thanks for your massive contribution to our beautiful day.

Steph Lee — Married 2011


The wedding day went perfectly and I received so many comments on my dress. I felt so beautiful, it is such a gorgeous dress and the best thing – no one will ever see another one like it! So thank you, thank you, thank you!

Vikki — Married 2011

Working with Keera was dreamy.
I had such a clear idea of the kind of dress I wanted but I had no idea as to what an end result might look like.
I knew I wanted something short, unique, long sleeved and that incorporated some of the lace from my mum’s 21st dress. That’s all I knew. My head (and scrapbook) was a muddle of sleeve/ bust shapes, hem lines, textiles- Keera, through her therapeutic consultations, which included textile hunting/shopping, fittings, sketching, Internet trawling and just general neurosis soothing, pieced everything together and succinctly created the most effervescent, coquettish wedding dress imaginable. I couldn’t have dreamt such perfection. She hand stitched my mum’s lace onto the cuffs and bust which completely personalised the dress.
I knew I could trust Keera to do an amazing job immediately. She made me feel completely at ease during quite a frenetic time.
She was efficient, professional, relaxed and most importantly she new how to decipher my ramblings and translate them into exactly what I wanted.
Thank you so much Keera!!!

Katy May — Married 2010


Wow! THANK YOU! I can’t tell you how much I loved wearing the dress that you created for me. It was absolutely perfect – beautiful, light and elegant. The day was gorgeous, but incredibly hot! Having such a light dress was my saving grace… It swished around me as I moved, just as I had envisaged. I felt like I was simply floating on air.

I got so many compliments (which was awesome!) but the real magic was in wearing something that had been created with such love and care. Thank you for your beautiful creation.

Thank you Keera, it was the most special day of my life and I felt magnificent!

Gabi — Married 2009


I can’t even begin to thank you enough for making me the most beautiful and perfect dress I could have hoped for.

I had the most fun, lovely, memorable night.
I have to say thank you for being such a HUUUUGE part of that. Everyone was obsessed with my gorgeous dress.
I had more than one person tell me it was the most beautiful wedding dress they had ever seen – and I had to agree!
I felt totally wonderful in it, I was so happy we were able to incorporate the kimono fabric and I think it was really special to have that and the fans representing mum’s side of the family … I think all the family from Japan loved it too.

The girls bridesmaids dresses looked beautiful and we all felt really special having the kimono fabric linking them all together.
The veil was perfect too, thank you … I felt like such a lady!

Thank you for being so amazingly patient and wonderful this last year.
Having the dress made was more fun than I could have imagined.

Sarah — Married 2009


I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your patience and talent. I dreaded the idea of shopping and dresses but you have made it fun and easy and surprisingly tear free!
I didn’t cry once this whole time and I’m usually in tears within moments of trying on anything.

You made it all so lovely and fun, I wish I could write you a blank cheque cause you deserve it.

Or erect a statue of an angel or give you a rhinestone covered mousepad or something else similarly stupid.

Thanks again for being so awesome.

Amber — Married 2009

Thank you so so much for being so wonderful! You have made a daunting process into such a lovely fun experience. You have an amazing talent and I feel so lucky to have had you working on my dress.

Cath — Married 2007


The dress was perfect, it was exactly what I was thinking, the glamour!! The two women that did my hair and make up and the photographer all loved it (also because it wasn’t white I think) so thank you, I couldn’t have imagined such an amazing dress, I’m still in love with it, I keep wanting to put it on!!!

Susan — Married 2007


I am still astounded by how beautiful my costume is. It is my dream realised!!
You have been so wonderful, the whole ‘costume’ part of the process and lead up to the show was made so easy thanks to you.

Thank you so much for the hard work you put into my costume. You are such a beautiful, talented and lovely lady.

Margot — Actress/Dancer